STACH Fabulous Food Market, market for luxury fresh produce

Making a virtue of necessity they must have thought at STACH on the Overtoom. Since the government decided to close down the catering business because of the corona virus, STACH decided to set up the café in its store on the Overtoom as STACH Fabulous Food Market, a mini market for luxury fresh produce.


STACH's tasty stores are open. Only it is no longer possible to consume the delicious bites and drinks in the stores. The fresh meals, salads, sandwiches, sweets, juices and coffee are only available for take away.

STACH Fabulous Food Market
In the store on the Overtoom, in the restaurant section you can now visit the STACH Fabulous Food Market, a pop-up store for fresh produce from local suppliers. Where these suppliers normally only deliver to the catering industry, they now offer their fresh produce directly to consumers. Their harvest is in danger of being lost otherwise. The foodmarket offers delicious dishes based on their ingredients.

Support Your Local
In the STACH Fabulous Food Market you will find among other things Oosterschelde lobster from fishery Neeltje Jans from Zeeland. Together with Joris Bijdendijk, STACH made a Dutch asparagus salad with Oosterschelde lobster. You can also get entrecote, hamburgers, sandwich, butter, cheese and eggs from the Lindenhoff from Abcoude, vegetables and Dutch asparagus from Kwekerij Osdorp. And delicious sauces from house friend and chef Jan Willem Teunis. Stop by, fill your shopping basket and support local suppliers in the process.



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Ask all your questions to celebrity chef @jorisbijdendijk and win his cookbook 💥⠀ ⠀⠀ Friday at 3 p.m. @jorisbijdendijk together with founder Stach Schaberg will go live here on Instagram, to celebrate the opening of the new pop-up fabulous foodmarket on the Zeilstraat! Where of course you can also find his dish with Oosterschelde lobster and green apple asparagus dressing. So what would you like to know from Joris? Maybe what his favorite local ingredient of the season is right now, which recipe he tips that everyone can make without fail and where he himself will be the first to eat when the catering industry reopens? Ask your questions below in the comments! The 5 best questions win the cookbook for the Low Countries by Joris Bijdendijk. ⠀ ⠀ #winning #Questions #popup #fabulousfoodmarket #supportourlocals #stachweetwhattastyis #lekkerlive⠀ ⠀

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