VIDEO: An ode to Amsterdam's hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is suffering badly from the corona virus and the government's decision to lock down entertainment venues in order to protect the safety and health of us Dutch people. A decision that will no doubt have a major impact on the survival of a large number of restaurants and bars in our city.


As an ode to Amsterdam's hospitality industry, MediaMonks has a video. In Bosses of the City, the creative agency grants a peek behind the facades of empty catering establishments such as under Meneer Nieges, Disco Dolly, Cafe Hermes, Brasserie van Dam and Het Paardje, among others. The men and women who work these restaurants and bars are featured.

Executive producer Jacques Vereecken told Het Parool that the film is a passion project. "Sometimes you have to make a film by feeling, because you know you have something to capture that touches people," he said. As lovers of the hospitality industry, the makers of Bosses of the City want to let people know that they miss Amsterdam's hospitality industry and the people behind it so much.


Eva Julia Manneke, director at MediaMonks: "A coffee in the sun around the corner, a glass of wine with friends on the terrace, lingering in the pub just a little too long. As lovers of the hospitality industry, we say: see you soon!"


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