Niki Wories' nighttime ice dance on the Keizersgracht

The breathtaking video in which six-time Dutch champion figure skater Niki Wories dances the night away on the ice of the Keizersgracht went viral this past week. The whole world watched the young skater shine on the ice.


Amsterdam put on its skates en masse last week for a 3-day skating party. Ponds and lakes around the city were crowded with enthusiastic Amsterdammers on skates. The timelines of the various socials were filled with the most beautiful photos and videos of happy skaters on natural ice. The prize for the most beautiful video went to film director Jaap Mar Diemel and six-time Dutch figure skating champion Niki Wories. The two paid a cinematic ode to the sleeping capital with their skating video.

The film director and figure skating talent stepped onto the ice of the Keizersgracht early in the morning at 5 a.m. to shoot the beautiful video "Ode to a Sleeping City. The video which has now been viewed on YouTube by more than 115,000 people shows the beauty of figure skating and our beautiful city in winter time.
"I was really very cold in my skating outfit, but I'm so glad I participated. It was a unique event and very special to be alone on the ice so early. The result is also beautiful," Niki Wories told Hart van Nederland.


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