Cosmetic drug store CODA opened in the Pijp area

Recently the first real cosmetic drugstore in the Netherlands opened its doors in the Pijp area. Lovers of French pharmacies and American drugstores will find a walhalla of personal care in CODA.


Barbara Kerseboom founded a well-known Amsterdam perfumery 20 years ago which owes its success to the large number of international niche brands in skincare, perfume and beauty.

CODA Amsterdam
The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. Everything you need for your personal care but just a little more beautiful and special than what you usually find in the classic drugstore. Brands that cannot be found on every street corner, unless they are designer or cult classics. Barbara travels the world like a true curator to scout out the most special and high-quality alternatives to everyday products. Where possible sustainable and eco-friendly. With the common denominator being that, besides the functional properties, it will simply look very nice in your bathroom and kitchen.

The collection
Think classic drugstore: from toothpaste to tampons, condoms, plasters and skin care, shampoo and shower formulas to deodorant and cotton pads. But also fine scented candles, tattoo care, homeopathic supplements and beautiful perfumes. Brands with a high cool factor, mostly made by inspired entrepreneurs and with an (upcoming) cult status. Products that everyone uses, with an attractive look and feel. 


CODA also the ultimate place for gift inspiration. Dhe minimalist, "all-white with a vintage touch" store in the Pijp offers products in the low and mid-range price segment.

CODA Amsterdam
Gerard Douplein 12H, Amsterdam
In the neighbouhood


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CODA Amsterdam
Gerard Douplein 12H, Amsterdam


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