Diptych is Amsterdam's first omakase restaurant

Artist Ola Lanko previously scored high with her experimental ice cream parlor Ludo & Hedo. Her new project is Amsterdam's first omakase restaurant with room for 8 people. Inspired by Japanese traditions, here you will be surprised during an intimate lunch or dinner.

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Diptych is Amsterdam's first omakase-style restaurant. There is room for only eight people per shift, with guests sitting at the bar directly across from the chef. Omakase is an abbreviation of the Japanese words omakase shimasu, Which means "I'll leave it to you. Trust is an important element here. You leave it completely up to the chef to give you a fantastic culinary experience. 

The menu at Diptych

At Diptych, there is no set menu, list of ingredients or guideline for what you will be served. Cooking is done with the best seasonal produce available at the time, mostly sustainable and from local producers. With this, the chef creates dishes that he feels suit the evening and his company at that moment. These are inspired by Japanese cuisine and combined with elements from various culinary traditions.


Opening hours

Diptych is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. for lunch and from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. for dinner. It is recommended to set aside at least two hours for the 7-course lunch and three hours for the 11-course dinner. 

The omakase menu changes daily as it uses the best ingredients available at the time. Because of this, the price of lunch or dinner also changes. For the 7-course lunch you pay between 42 - 65 euros and the price for the 11-course dinner is between 62 - 85 euros. 

Potgieterstraat 47, Amsterdam
06 18470604
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Potgieterstraat 47, Amsterdam
06 18470604


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