Authentic Italian pizza eats at Renato's Pizzeria

If you're looking for authentic Italian pizza, Renato's Pizzeria is the place to be. Here you will find freshly baked wood-fired oven pizza with surprisingly delicious toppings, a fine selection of wines and sweet Italian treats.


There are no Best Pizza in Amsterdam lists that don't include Renato's Pizzeria. This restaurant located in the Pijp area, is praised for the authentic Italian pizzas and delicacies you can get there. The cuisine here is all about simplicity, quality and dedication to pure ingredients imported from Italy.

The menu at Renato's Pizzeria

In addition to Anti Pasti, the menu features a large selection of pizzas for both vegetarians and meat lovers. The base is a thin base with crispy crust, homemade tomato sauce and fresh buffalo mozzarella. A favorite is the Cicciolina with spicy salami, pancetta, grilled peppers and chili. But we can also recommend the For the Vegetariana with grilled vegetables and the Quattro Fromaggi. In addition, do not forget the fine wines they serve and if you still have room left: the traditional homemade Tiramisu.

Renato's in tasting room t Blue Tea House
You can get Renato's pizzas these days in The Foodhallen in Amsterdam West. They are also partnering with Brouwerij 't IJ and will take care of the food in the renovated 'The Blue Tea House in the Vondelpark. We know where we'll be this summer! 

Opening hours

Renato's is open Monday to Sunday from 5:30 to 10 p.m.

Renato's Pizzeria
Karel du Jardinstraat 32, Amsterdam
020 673 2300
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Renato's Pizzeria
Karel du Jardinstraat 32, Amsterdam
020 673 2300


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