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Going out

In Youseum, you are the shining centerpiece

There is no shortage of museums in Amsterdam. From old masters to modern and contemporary art, historical, social, photography and Amsterdam, you will find a museum for every theme in our city. New are the Instagram museums. Recently opened Wondr Experience in Noord for the perfect selfie, and starting in November you yourself will be the shining centerpiece Youseum.


Youseum is a place unlike any other Instagram museum to date. Here you are challenged to think critically about the importance of yourself as the center of your own social-media feed. In this museum, your existence is exuberantly celebrated and put in the spotlight. But are you really so important that you should always be the center of attention?

By uploading your photo on Youseum's website, once inside the museum you will play the lead role in an interactive museum tour. You'll experience what it's like to drown in your own popularity, walk through a veritable likes factory and get an infinite dose of yourself in the biggest infinity room you've ever seen. All for the most unique social media experience you've ever had and the best instagrammable selfies. With none other than you - meaning you - as the shining centerpiece. 


Under the title "Beauty with a Message," Youseum will make you think critically about your own virtual existence in a creative and playful way and make an artistic exploration of important social issues such as feminism, plastic waste and LGBTQ+. The pop-up museum consists of 15 fantastically photogenic spaces and various interactive decors with their own stories.

As icing on the cake, afterwards you'll buy products that feature yourself in the museum store. What is the impact of so much self-love? It's entirely up to you to judge and show that to your own loyal followers.

Weesperzijde 150, Amsterdam
In the neighbouhood



Amsterdam East

Amsterdam Oost is one of the pearls of Amsterdam. With numerous restaurants, bars, stores, art institutions, parks and awesome neighborhoods, you can endlessly bike, enjoy, wonder and experience in Oost. There didn't used to be much to do in Oost. The proliferation of restaurants, stores and special outdoor places...


Anna Nooshin opens Instagram experience The Upside Down

With 1,500m2 and 25 rooms, The Upside Down is Europe's largest Instagram museum


In early July, well-known influencer Anna Nooshin will open her Instagram museum The Upside Down Amsterdam. Just steps away from the RAI, visitors will soon be able to be photographed in all sorts of crazy ways in photogenic and colorful spaces for the perfect selfie.

Europaboulevard 5, Amsterdam

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Wondr Experience: Interactive Instagram Museum

Artistic playground with 15 themed spaces for the best Instagram photo


Wondr Experience is Amsterdam's newest attraction, a colorful artistic playground where you can have Instagrammable photos of yourself and your friends taken in different themed spaces. Be surprised and awaken your senses.

Meeuwenlaan 88, Amsterdam

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Nxt Museum, first museum in NL for new media art

Discover large-scale, digital art installations that expand your view


Nxt Museum, Holland's first museum for new media art merges art with technology with a focus on "what's next.

Asterweg 22, Amsterdam

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Weesperzijde 150, Amsterdam


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