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Going out

The nicest beach bars in Bloemendaal and Zandvoort

Explore breathtaking dunes, engage in water sports or simply relax along one of the most pristine coastlines in Northern Europe. Whether you're looking for adventure, sunbathing and swimming, beach bars or peaceful nature, you'll find it all in the seaside resorts of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee.

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Which beach bars are worth visiting in Zandvoort, Bloemendaal and Wijk aan Zee? Discover the variety of beach tents along the North Holland coast where cozy beach bars pop up everywhere. Whether you land on the beach spontaneously or have a planned getaway, these beach bars are definitely worth a visit. Amsterdam Magazine tips the best beach bars.

Woodstock 69 is an eccentric party spot known as Bloemendaal's hippie tent. It has colorful oriental influences in its decor with palm trees and umbrellas and attracts an alternative crowd that parties vigorously. It has a full schedule of live music and DJ parties, but the best part is the campfire. - Bloemendaal.

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Republic of
Republic is more of an upscale beach bar in Bloemendaal for a more mature, sophisticated crowd. The decor is stylish and you could easily mistake it for a beach club in Ibiza. The menu is one of the most interesting in the area and it has a pizza oven that serves great rustic pizzas. - Bloemendaal.

The Spot
The Spot is Zandvoort's water sports beach club. A good place for surfing, kiting and supping, for adults and children. You can take lessons, rent equipment and for the kids there are popular Surf Camps. The style of the beach bar is vintage-hipster style, with much of the work done with recycled materials. The Spot is the first ocean-friendly restaurant in Europe. - Zandvoort.

Hippie Fish
A relaxed beach club from the same owners as Ubuntu Beach and Kayuca with a fantastic interior full of greenery and natural materials. From cozy tables to lovely rattan chairs. The large terrace has several seating areas and relaxation areas, but you can also "dine" in the sand. So take your time & stay a while. - Zandvoort.


South Beach
On the former nude beach in Zandvoort, 500 meters from the Zuidboulevard you will find South Beach, a row of beach pavilions where it is nice to be. The beach clubs Bodhi, Manii, Pole 69, Outcast and Phosphorus make you believe you are in another world for a moment. The tranquility, nature and relaxed atmosphere make South Beach a hot spot we should really keep to ourselves, and not pass on. - Zandvoort.

Looking for something unique? Head to Timbuktu in Wijk aan Zee. A hidden paradise near the mouth of IJmuiden harbor that offers the opportunity for a wide range of water sports, making it a hot spot for surfers and sunbathers. Enjoy drinks and snacks and breathtaking views of the waves breaking on the sea. - Wijk aan Zee.


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