Salle Privée opens perfume store on Jacob Obrecht street

Recently, Salle Privée opened a luxury perfume store on Jacob Obrechtstraat. Unlike before, in this store you will find only the collection of exclusive fragrances of the high-end fashion brand.


Salle Privée is the brainchild of Patrick Munsters, known for Scotch & Soda and Marie Stella Maris, among others. The high-end and luxury men's label sells timeless fashion and accessories, and a special collection of exclusive unisex fragrances with brilliant names like Celluloid Heroes, Concorde, Monochrome and Super 8.

Never out of style
Salle Privée is a particularly high-quality and luxurious men's label based on timeless and classic clothing items. With a fixed collection for all seasons. Founder Patrick Munsters no longer believes in changing seasons in which clothing collections follow each other in rapid succession. The headstrong entrepreneur and designer sells one collection forever. Clothing from Salle Privée is therefore never out of fashion. Colors may change, but the designs remain as they were created in the first collection. In 3 years, you will still be buying the same coat at Salle Privée but perhaps in a different color as a previous purchase.


According to Munsters, that's what men want. No stress of choice. Always perfectly dressed. If you like a shirt, you don't want to look for another model a year from now. No seasons and no fashionable fuss. But timeless and stylish clothing, of sublime quality and that always fits well. Patrick uses age-old manufacturing techniques and classic silhouettes for his Salle Privée clothing collection and combines them with modern aspects. An ideal addition to every man's wardrobe.


Exclusive fragrances
Salle Privée's exclusive fragrances are not only made for men, but are worn by him and her. The unisex perfumes are inspired by the groundbreaking 1970s, founder Patrick Munsters' favorite era in art and design. Each fragrance references an element from that era of innovation, widely acclaimed for its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. In the store on Jacob Obrechtstraat, discover how each perfume is created to evoke a particular mood, fit a particular occasion or even emphasize one's personality.

Salle Privée
Jacob Obrechtstraat 19A, Amsterdam
In the neighbouhood


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Salle Privée
Jacob Obrechtstraat 19A, Amsterdam


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