The Seafood Shop challenges decision City Center district

Amsterdam, go to shame. From metropolis to petty bourgeois bullshit. It was recently announced that The Seafood Shop on Leidsestraat will close its doors following a decision by City Hall that the fish store will no longer be allowed to sell fish for on-site consumption. According to the municipality, The Seafood Shop is a tourist store, and that is not allowed. Since 2016, the borough has wanted to prevent stores in the city center from targeting only tourists. As if the Amsterdammer does not know how to find and appreciate a quality store like The Seafood Shop for a fish.


Family Visscher, owner of The Seafood Shop, says the decision by the Centrum district leaves them broke. "No fish store can pay the rent if customers are not also allowed to eat a herring or kibbeling on site," Visscher said.

The Amsterdammers vs. The Municipality
After the decision to close the store, the Visscher family received heartwarming responses from the neighborhood and especially from Amsterdam residents. Neighbor Erwin Bakkum even set up a veritable crowdfunding campaign to support the family in going to court. At the time of writing, 494 donations have been received with a combined value of 12,738 euros. The family says they are overwhelmed by all the support and responses they have received. Supported by the lawyer who sees plenty of opportunities for profit, the family has now decided to challenge the decision.

"By litigating collectively, citizens have a new and more effective tool at their disposal. For we have a wonderful legal system that we can use - as a collective - to blow the whistle back on the municipality. And this battle we are very happy to engage in together," said the family's lawyer.


Crowdfunding campaign
Do you agree that The Seafood Shop on Leidsestraat is a fish store and that you should be able to eat fish in a fish store? Support the crowdfunding campaign and fight together for preservation of the fish store. All help is welcome.

The Seafood Shop
Leidsestraat 61, Amsterdam
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The Seafood Shop
Leidsestraat 61, Amsterdam


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