Renessence: a revolutionary welfare center on the Zuidas

Renessence, located on the Zuidas, is not just another wellness and fitness boutique. This unique place invites you to rediscover your true essence and offers a holistic approach to wellness. Renessence is designed to improve your mental and physical health.


At Renessence, you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while and focus on self-care. The beautiful wellness boutique offers innovative treatments aimed at recovery and rejuvenation, such as massages, floating sessions, and oxygen treatments. The facilities are designed to help you relax, recover and revive through advanced technology and science-based treatments .

Treatments and Workouts
Renessence offers a range of treatments and classes, from yoga to cryotherapy. You can relax with a massage, regain your balance in a private infrared sauna, or wake up your body with a session in an ice bath. The boutique also offers cryotherapy sessions, which expose your body to extreme cold, providing rejuvenation and recovery. In addition, there are studio yoga classes and various fitness classes that support your physical and mental well-being. All treatments and workouts at Renessence are designed to help you relax and rediscover your true essence.

"At Renessence you can come to yourself for a while. Re-balance, recharge and revive! It's a place where you connect with your true essence. We have different tech treatments, massage and yoga. To experience Renessence, you actually have to experience it yourself. Everyone is welcome," said founder Marjolein Meijer, in conversation with OU Boutique.

A harmony of natural and technological
Renessence's interior combines natural materials with stainless steel, alluding to the high technology used in their treatments. The balance between these elements creates a soothing environment where you can reflect and relax. The open space and comfortable seating invite you to escape and recharge.

Renessence at Zuidas offers a unique wellness experience focused on both mental and physical well-being. Whether you want to relax, recover or revive, Renessence has a treatment or workout to suit your needs. It is an oasis of calm in busy Amsterdam, where you can rediscover your true essence and regain balance.

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George Gershwinlaan 520, Amsterdam
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George Gershwinlaan 520, Amsterdam


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