Eminent suitcases and bags: For people on the move

With summer just around the corner, we are once again preparing for summer vacations in sunny foreign countries. Whether it's an overseas trip by plane or a car vacation, an ideal suitcase in which all your belongings fit and are safely stored is half the battle.


Whether you travel regularly on business, go on vacation this summer or are an experienced world traveler: good luggage is indispensable. Eminent offers suitcases and trolleys that combine space, security and functionality in a stylish design. Every suitcase model from Eminent passes 35 strict quality tests in the lab of the well-known luxury brand. A case from Eminent is a long-standing, reliable companion. 

With 40 years of experience, Eminent knows better than anyone how luggage lasts a lifetime. The brand stands for excellent quality at a competitive price. Whether you're looking for a laptop bag, beauty case or trolley bag, Eminent's luxury cases combine functionality and style. With over 200 different models of suitcases and bags, there is something for every style. Whether you like sporty or classic luggage, at Eminent you are guaranteed to find a suitcase that suits you.


Family business
For two generations, Eminent has been a family-owned company that passionately designs quality luggage. The brand combines the love of travel with craftsmanship and innovation to provide people worldwide with great luggage. With 40 years of experience making luggage, the luxury brand knows better than anyone how to deliver quality products. All of Eminent's suitcases and bags are produced in its own factory. Thus, the suitcase brand has full control over production and they test each product extensively. Annually, the company produces more than 1.6 million suitcases that are sold worldwide.

Eminent cases are made to travel with you for years. Should unexpected damage occur, they are easy to repair. Through continuous innovation and the use of the latest technologies, they are constantly improving the durability of their products.

Why choose Eminent?
Many brands outsource the production of their luggage to outside manufacturers. This often affects quality and price. With Eminent, you buy directly from the manufacturer. This way you don't have to compromise on quality for a competitive price. This is because they make suitcases and bags themselves in their own factory with the highest standards.


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