Nxt Museum, first museum in NL for new media art

Nxt Museum, Holland's first museum for new media art merges art with technology with a focus on "what's next.


In a former 2,100 square meter production studio, Nxt Museum delivers a unique addition to the thriving creative district of Amsterdam-North. Inspired by the international museum landscape where interactive technology-driven exhibitions offer visitors a unique and mostly personalized experience, Nxt Museum aims to pioneer emerging tech, new media art and visitor experience in the Netherlands.

Nxt Museum, founded by the young entrepreneur Merel van Helsdingen, exhibits large-scale art installations developed from interdisciplinary collaborations between established and emerging artists, designers, technicians, musicians and scientists.


UFO - Unidentified Fluid Other
What happens when we can detach ourselves from the physical world and change form? The second exhibition UFO - Unidentified Fluid Other, curated by Bogomir Doringer, explores who we become in the virtual world. Social change and technological development allow us to ask questions that short-circuit existing norms to create space for ideas without fixed boundaries. Artists are alert to the first signs of our future digital existence, developers are building metaverse, and we are preparing for a new reality with fluid identities in a world seemingly free of fixed social constraints. Who are we and who will we become: Joyfully 'fluid'? Inclusively 'other'? Or still totally 'unknown'.

"The Netherlands has a long tradition of innovation and also has a rich art history. It is unprecedented that there is not yet a permanent place where this comes together on a large scale. With our digital, multi-sensory exhibitions, we not only want to change our visitors' experience of art, but also give them new insights about the world and what role they play in it." - Merel van Helsdingen (managing director & founder Nxt Museum).

Nxt Museum
Asterweg 22, Amsterdam
In the neighbouhood

adam-tower-amsterdam copy


Amsterdam North

Some residents felt Amsterdam North did not really belong to the city. This had its reasons. After all, they thought it was too different and too far away to really be part of the city. But times change and this part of town is now in full development and certainly...


Wondr Experience: Interactive Instagram Museum

Artistic playground with 15 themed spaces for the best Instagram photo


Wondr Experience is Amsterdam's newest attraction, a colorful artistic playground where you can have Instagrammable photos of yourself and your friends taken in different themed spaces. Be surprised and awaken your senses.

Meeuwenlaan 88, Amsterdam

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Anna Nooshin opens Instagram experience The Upside Down

With 1,500m2 and 25 rooms, The Upside Down is Europe's largest Instagram museum


In early July, well-known influencer Anna Nooshin will open her Instagram museum The Upside Down Amsterdam. Just steps away from the RAI, visitors will soon be able to be photographed in all sorts of crazy ways in photogenic and colorful spaces for the perfect selfie.

Europaboulevard 5, Amsterdam

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In Youseum, you are the shining centerpiece

New Instagram museum lets you take a critical look at your own social media


There is no shortage of museums in Amsterdam. From old masters to modern and contemporary art, historical, social, photography and Amsterdam, you will find a museum for every theme in our city. New are the Instagram museums. Recently opened Wondr Experience in Noord for the perfect selfie, and starting in November you yourself will be the shining centerpiece Youseum.

Weesperzijde 150, Amsterdam

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Nxt Museum
Asterweg 22, Amsterdam


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