Yuzu: yakitori, cocktails, sake and a sneaky dance

Hidden among Amsterdam's canals, you'll find Yazu Dining Bar, a modern Japanese Yakitori bar that captures the heart of the city with its irresistible charm and culinary masterpieces.


At Yazu, tradition is effortlessly combined with contemporary flair. The ambiance? Think a mix of minimalist chic and cozy warmth, a perfect reflection of the menu they serve.

And then that yakitori. An art of cooking that goes beyond simply grilling; it is a passion. Yazu's yakitori, from succulent chicken legs to crispy chicken skin, is a true ode to this Japanese tradition. But don't be fooled, there is plenty to feast on for the vegetarians and vegans among us as well. The menu is carefully curated and offers innovative dishes that are both eye-pleasing and mouth-watering.

For adventurous foodies, Yazu offers the "Omakase" experience. A culinary journey where you can completely surrender to the creativity of the chefs. Be surprised by a parade of exquisite dishes carefully curated to excite your senses.

And let's talk about the drinks. The assortment of cocktails and sakes is as impressive as the food. From sophisticated cocktails to refreshing sakes, there is something for everyone to complete your dinner.

Yazu Dining Bar is not just an eatery; it is a destination. A place where flavors come together, where tradition gets a modern twist and where every bite is a new discovery.

Yuzu Dining Bar
Kerkstraat 59, Amsterdam
In the neighbouhood

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Yuzu Dining Bar
Kerkstraat 59, Amsterdam


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