Soulkitchen: Dining and dancing is the new culinary night out

Soulkitchen is a restaurant, cocktail bar and club all in one; it is a vibrant fusion of culinary indulgence, a mix of Peruvian and Japanese traditional dishes, and nightly entertainment.


Located in a historic building next to Club Air on Amstelstraat, Soulkitchen introduces you to the new nightlife. Here the line between dining and partying blurs - after dessert you can hang out and dance right away at the same location.

The name Soulkitchen is a tribute to the legendary nightclub that flourished at the same location in the 1990s but closed its doors in 2003. "The name fits perfectly with our new concept," says Sander Groet, one of Soulkitchen's initiators and known from A'DAM Tower, Mysteryland and Club Air, among others.

"We are extremely excited about this concept because we are really adding something innovative to the nightlife of Amsterdam. Our goal is to create a place where you can dine extensively and then dance immediately afterwards. We see that many people like to go out after dinner, but often don't feel like moving or waiting until 1 a.m. when most clubs start to fill up. For that group, we are now the perfect place." - said Sander Groet of Soulkitchen


Soulkitchen is a paradise for foodies who want to enjoy delicious dishes inspired by Nikkei cuisine - a delectable blend of Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions. The menu can be found at this link. In addition, Soulkitchen offers an extensive cocktail menu with unique creations such as the refreshing Show Me Love with lychee liqueur and basil, and the Sakura Old Fashioned with Nikka whiskey.

Alessandro Ledda, head chef, says, "In creating the menu for Soulkitchen, I wanted to bring together the freshest and boldest flavors from Japan and Peru. From mastering the art of sushi to perfecting ceviche and tiraditos, both cuisines fascinate me immensely. Every dish in my kitchen reflects the techniques I have learned and the flavors I have experienced in these countries. In addition, I have further enriched my culinary repertoire by working with talented Japanese and Peruvian chefs in world cities such as London, Spain and Amsterdam."

Amstelstraat 30, Amsterdam
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Amstelstraat 30, Amsterdam


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