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The stately Overhoeks Tower, next to the EYE Film Museum in North, will be transformed into an entertainment venue in the coming years. In addition to a revolving restaurant, two clubs and a hotel, the former Shell office will have a sky bar with a panoramic deck at a height of 80 meters, offering a great view of the city. A crowd puller that should soon be able to easily compete with other highlights in Amsterdam in terms of visitor numbers.

Until then, you can visit the Tower on the first floor, a cultural stage and meeting place for music and art lovers. A playground where you can go out of your way creatively, high culinary level or rocket straight through the night into the morning.

Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam
In the neighbouhood

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Amsterdam North

Some residents felt Amsterdam North did not really belong to the city. This had its reasons. After all, they thought it was too different and too far away to really be part of the city. But times change and this part of town is now in full development and certainly...


Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam


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