Amsterdam West

Not so long ago, this neighborhood was one of the "lesser" neighborhoods of the city. But those days are over! In recent years, this part of the city has developed into a young and trendy neighborhood full of interesting sights, stores and restaurants. It is a popular residential area for young, creative professionals, and that affects the atmosphere. In Amsterdam West you have quiet residential areas mixed with lively shopping streets and bars. It is a must-see for anyone visiting the city for an extended period of time.

What to do in Amsterdam West
The Foodhallen is the new culinary sensation in Amsterdam West. Inspired by "indoor food markets" from various metropolitan cities, this food market offers a wide variety of delicious snacks and drinks in an industrial setting. Surrounding the Food Hallen is a creative area full of boutiques, galleries and creative co-working spaces. Amsterdam West is also home to "Het Schip," one of the finest examples of the famous architectural movement The Amsterdam School. This impressive museum is housed in architect Michel de Klerk's famous workers' palace. The extensive collection displays photographs, drawings, furniture and designs of household items by the greatest representatives of the 100-year-old group.

Another notable feature of Amsterdam West is the Westergasfabriek. It is one of the city's most thriving creative hotspots and there is always something going on. With numerous restaurants, bars, a local brewery, entertainment venues and a busy schedule of exhibitions, food markets, festivals and cultural events, there is always something new to discover.