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Going out

Barbue: Extravagant cocktail bar at The Hoxton Lloyd

Enter the vibrant world of Bar Bué, the newest cocktail bar in the trendy The Hoxton at Amsterdam Lloyd. This stylish cocktail bar brings a breath of fresh air to Amsterdam's cocktail scene and is the place for lovers of craft cocktails, a cozy atmosphere and a unique blend of flavors and textures.


Located in the vibrant The Hoxton at Amsterdam Lloyd, Bar Bué is a must-visit for anyone looking for a special and sophisticated cocktail experience. Bar Bué's cocktail menu is a true journey of discovery, with an extensive selection of classic cocktails and creative signature drinks. Each drink is carefully crafted with fresh and high-quality ingredients, and the presentation is as impressive as the taste. From refreshing gin tonics and sparkling champagne cocktails to spicy whiskey blends and exotic mocktails, there is something for everyone at Bar Bué.

In addition to its impressive cocktail menu, Bar Bué also offers an atmospheric and welcoming ambiance. The interior is elegant and inviting, with comfortable seating, stylish decorations and a warm and cozy atmosphere. Whether you come for an intimate drink with your loved one, a social drink with friends or to celebrate a special occasion, Bar Bué provides the perfect setting for any occasion.


"At Bar Bué, it's all about creating innovative and surprising cocktails that excite the senses and leave a lasting impression," said Tato Giovannoni, owner of Floreria Atlantico in Buenos Aires. "Our talented mixologists combine traditional techniques with modern twists to create unique and unforgettable drinks."

Bar Bué's concept perfectly complements the vibrant and creative vibe of The Hoxton at Amsterdam Lloyd. "We are excited to open our doors at The Hoxton and offer guests a unique and memorable cocktail experience," says [Owner's name/spokesperson]. "It's a great opportunity to share our passion for mixology and add a new dimension to Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife scene."

So, if you are looking for a special and sophisticated cocktail experience in Amsterdam, Bar Bué at The Hoxton is the place to be. Be surprised by Bar Bué's creativity, flavors and hospitality and enjoy an unforgettable evening of delicious drinks and good vibes.

Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam
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Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam


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